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Public Attributes

stats Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int acknowledgement_type
int active_checks_enabled
char * author
char * check_command
double check_execution_time
double check_interval
double check_latency
int check_options
char * check_period
int check_type
char * comment
char * comment_data
int comment_id
int current_attempt
int current_event_id
int current_notification_id
double current_notification_number
int current_problem_id
int current_state
int downtime_id
int duration
time_t end_time
time_t entry_time
int entry_type
int event_handler
int event_handler_enabled
time_t expire_time
int expires
int failure_prediction_enabled
int fixed
int flap_detection_enabled
int has_been_checked
char * host_name
char * host_notification_period
int is_flapping
time_t last_check
int last_event_id
int last_hard_state
int last_hard_state_change
int last_notification
int last_problem_id
time_t last_state_change
int last_time_critical
int last_time_down
int last_time_ok
int last_time_unknown
int last_time_unreachable
int last_time_up
int last_time_warning
time_t last_update
char * long_plugin_output
int max_attempts
int modified_attributes
time_t next_check
int next_comment_id
int next_notification
int no_more_notifications
char * notification_period
int notifications_enabled
int obsess_over_host
int obsess_over_service
int passive_checks_enabled
double percent_state_change
char * performance_data
int persistent
char * plugin_output
int problem_has_been_acknowledged
int process_performance_data
double retry_interval
double scheduled_downtime_depth
char * service_description
char * service_notification_period
int should_be_scheduled
int source
time_t start_time
int state_type
int triggered_by
int type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file pl.h.

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